Tucked away in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, its hard to imagine that this neatly maintained building was once an abandoned pre war terraced house.

It became a pub in May of 2002, when it became the project of Kev, Dougie and Kev's wife Cindy. The three renovated the old house and injected a good deal of enthusiasm into the project, turning it into one of the most unique British pub and restaurants in Malaysia.

Settle in the bar or eat in the non-smoking dining room, which is full of character as can be seen in the uniquely pencil drawn scenes of old London Town.

The traditional dishes on the menu are many and varied, but what makes the food really stand out is the quality of the buying and preparation. Beef and pork in particular, is something of a house specialty with the beef being prime Australian. If youre in the mood for steak & chunky home made chips, this is the place. Otherwise there's fresh fish (lemon sole) and a first-class breakfast fry up served daily from 11.30am. Oh and do try the Sunday Roast with its outstanding Yorkshire Pudding.

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